Tuesday, September 18, 2018

2336 - SLAP IT ON

Our new theme over at TRY IT ON TUESDAY is:

Slap it on....

paint, colour, texture, have fun and get messy.

We hope to see you again at the challenge! And we hope to see you at ART JOURNAL JOURNEY as well, where Yvonne's theme is:

 I suffered a nasty angina lately and didn't feel like crafting. And I also didn't feel like commenting much, so please be kind with me and forgive my lack of visits - I will visit you all again as soon as possible.

 My spread in the Letter Journal 4 for both challenges.

Hello dear T-S-F-T Gang!
I wasn't able to participate last week, sorry.

Eileen told us that we all should show our washi tapes this week
so here is mine together with fruit tea .

I have not a huge collection and I am fine with it. They are much too expensive here in Austria still and I just got some bargains over the years and am pretty satiesfied with what I have now. I very often use little scraps of washi on my backgrounds to get a bit more of interest on the pages. For this it comes quite handy. But if I didn't have it I would glue little bits of coloured paper and it would also work very well. So to be honest- I could live in a world without washi tape as well.

Thank you for your lovely visit!



  1. Susi, I wish you felt better. I'm sorry I've been so far behind this past week. I just wish I could do something for you. BUT, please just get to feeling better, dear friend. Your beautiful journal page is the perfect addition to Yvonne's theme at Art Journal Journey. I'm simply thrilled and in awe of these little love birds.

    Thanks for taking the washi tape challenge. If I hadn't been gifted so many of the ones I have, I would only have two. I love yours.

    Your fruit tea looks so colorful and sounds good, too. I know those tea bags will be colorful after they sit awhile. Thanks for sharing your art, your washi tape, and your tea with us for T this Tuesday. And feel better soon, PLEASE!

  2. This is a beautiful journal spread Susi. lots of lovely layers of colour, details and images. The two birds are a delight and in my imagination are very much in love in a fantasy world of their own. A wonderful spread for my AJJ theme as well.
    I hope you will be feeling better soon my friend, take care of yourself.
    Happy T day wishes. Your washi tape collection looks super, I would happily share a cup of the fruit tea as well.
    Yvonne xx

  3. Servus Susi, schnelle Besserung wünsche ich dir. Trotzdem hast du wieder ein schönes Bild gemacht.
    Lg aus Wien

  4. I hope you'll get better soon! Take care!
    In the meanwhile I'm enjoying this fantasy spread, I see lots of lovely details!
    Nice stash of tape!

  5. Sooo schöne Seiten, liebe Susi.
    Ich sehe, dass Dein Washi-Tape-Vorrat auch schon beachtlich ist. Man kommt an den Dingern einfach nicht vorbei.

    Hab eine schöne Woche, Liebes

  6. Beautiful pages! You have probably guessed that I love the colours and it looks like you had fun getting messy with those inks and paints ...lol 😉. I love the little birds and pop of red from the hearts too - perfect! I enjoyed seeing your washi tape collection and I think I see a couple that are the same as mine (grin!). I hope you are feeling much better soon dear Susi, take care and wishing you a happy T Day! J 😊 x

  7. A fabulous page Susi, gorgeous colours and I love your little love birds.
    Sorry you haven't been well and I hope you are feeling better now, do take care of yourself.
    Avril xx
    p.s. you have more washi tape than me. xx

  8. Susi I am loving your page lots of textures. I hope you will be feeling better soon-no fun being ill-and no worries about visiting-happy you were able to post. I feel a little guilty now as I went shopping with a friend yesterday and found a collection of tapes that ended up being 70% off-that was amazing. I have just recently learned about these fun tapes Happy T

  9. I hope you will feel better soon, Susi.
    I LOVE your page, my friend. These birds are so cute!!!
    And what a great washi tapes collection! Hugs!!!!!!!!

  10. Oh dear Susi I am so sorry to hear you are still unwell. Sending you lots of love and healing wishes. It's no fun when we're hurting and unable to be creative or do everyday things. Your journal spread is just beautiful- I do love the birds and the colors. Nice little container of washi tapes. Thanks for sharing, feel better soon, and happy T day!

  11. Your page is wonderful. The colors you used are right up there with my favorites. I'm a blue/green/cool color lover. I have to challenge myself to use the orange/brown spectrum in art. Sorry you haven't been well. Angina is nothing to fool around with either but I'm sure you are following doctor's orders.

  12. They are in love <3 Have a wonderful week Susi.

  13. so schöne frische farben wieder in deinem journaleintrag! gefällt mir sehr! schande, ich hatte gar nicht mitgekriegt, dass du krank warst, war wohl zu wenig in blogland letztens... ich hoffe, dir gehts bald wieder richtig gut ♥. im sommer krank sein ist irgendwie doppelter mist, da rechnet man doch nicht damit... schon dich, pass auf dich auf!! dicken knuddler, johanna

  14. My dear Susi, I am very sorry that you are sick, and I hope you will recover very soon, and don´t worry about the visits, we are aware of it. The most important now is you!
    And, I love love this gorgeous spread page Susi !! this is absolutely wonderful, lovely birds with big hearts, love the layers and colours you have used, really GREAT !!
    Your washi tape are so beautiful, I also use some painted paper instead of them.
    I hope you will feel better soon, and I send you a healing hug, and besotillos, Caty

  15. Susi! So glad to hear from you. Beautiful page today.

  16. Oh, do take care of yourself! Glad you felt up to a post for Tuesday, but don't worry about comments as I know it's time consuming. Love your journal pages... it made me smile to see that you had recycled a plastic container to store your Washi tape - perfect! great idea. In fact, I might have to steal it. Hope you get stronger and feel better soon. hugs from here in Ohio and happy T day. M♥ ♥ ♥

  17. What beautiful love birds! The color combination is gorgeous. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  18. I'm sorry you've been ill :( I'm not a crafter and have no washi tape at all lol, but your fruit tea looks tempting :) Happy T Tuesday

  19. ooohh liebe susi,wie schön dich wider im blogland zu sehen,schön das es dir besser geht,deine seiten sind traumhaft,so wunderschöne farben und die zwei piepmätzchen sehen richtig verliebt aus mit den herzchen,dein apfeltee sieht soo lecker aus und dein washitape sieht schön aus,ich hab von den dingern auch schon mehreere und es werden stetig mehr,ich komm daran nicht vorbei.
    eine schöne woche,liebe susi.

    knuddels von jenny

  20. I love your honesty about being able to live in a world without washi tape. I too wouldn't feel much loss if I had to let them go. I much prefer my paints and such.
    Your fruit tea looks amazing! I love that you used real fruit in your tea pot.
    And your journal page is gorgeous! The textures in your background and those birds are fabulous.
    I am so sorry to hear that you are suffering from Angina and have been unable to craft. I wondered why you were not participating in T day last week. I missed you and am glad that you are back. Feel better soon and rest so you can get better!
    Happy Tea Day, Friend!

  21. Oh Susi!! Do feel better.. visit when you can my dear! Your pages are wonderful and your washi collection to die for! Take care of yourself!! Hugs! deb

  22. Oh I love your messy spread with the two love birds, great colors to!

  23. That fruit tea looks really good Susi. It would inspire me to make such a beautiful page too. The love birds are perfect. It was smart to add the hearts. You did some good slapping it on. That's a fun challenge. Hope all is well and you are enjoying your days. (LIke hope it was a happy T day). hugs-Erika

  24. Love your Slap It On page! Pretty colors, too. And your fruit tea looks good. I hope you get better soon. Thanks for posting for the Tea Party this week.

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  26. (((Susi))) I am sending you a BIG Hugs and never worry about not visiting, for one you and your health is much more important and two my blogs are here to be seen when ever people get a moment to pop on over. Please do not stress yourself worrying about these small things you know how much you are appreciated when ever you get a moment to visit.
    Washi tape can be so expensive and I only ever purchase it when it is reduced or a good price. I'm in the process of trying to put all mine together, it's amazing how those little spools of tape can roll their way into the strangest of places.
    Happy Day Susi and take good care of yourself.
    Hugs Tracey xx

  27. .. P.S and I forgot to say how wonderful your journal page is with those sweet Love Birds, those colours bring back the wonder of Spring all over again xx

  28. Liebe Susi,

    ohje ohje da hat es Dich ja ganz schön erwischt, ich habe Dich schon vermisst und drücke Dir die Daumen, dass es Dir bald besser geht und Du wieder richtig fit wirst.

    Deine Seite schaut traumhaft schön aus und gefällt mir sowas von gut, ich bin total begeistert. Ein wundervolles Werk !

    Alles Liebe und gute Besserung
    wünscht Dir

  29. Oh Susi - take care of yourself, and visit when you can!! love your spread this week for both challenges. Love the way you have detailed the painting with the fine black line! I have a larger collection of washi tapes, like you most of them have been bought at bargain prices!

  30. Die Vögel sind toll. Ich wünsche dir gute Besserung
    Liebe Grüße

  31. I adore your pretty lovebirds Susi, the colours are beautiful!
    I hope you feel much better soon, take care of yourself dear Susi.
    Alison xxx

  32. Du hast ja Recht, man kann durchaus auch ohne Washis leben, aber dennoch bin ich vor ein paar Jahren ziemlich süchtig danach geworden, was sich inzwischen aber wieder gelegt hat.
    Weiter gute Besserung dir, liebe Susi, man ist doch nach solch einem INfekt immer ziemlich schlapp. Also, mach schön langsam!
    Die Farben deiner wunderschönen Journalseite sehen fast frühlingshaft aus... finde ich gut, denn schließlich ist es zur Zeit noch ganz wunderbar warm.
    Liebe Grüße Ulrike

  33. I adore this sweet page Susi! The colours are just perfect! I was worried about angina until I read your comment on Elizabeth's blog- although being in bed ill is still not good! Glad you are recovering! Hugs,Chrisx

  34. your love birds page is wonderful. I always love your little bird drawings.

    Thank you for joining in our "show your washi tape stash" challenge, Susi.

    I'm so sorry to hear that your angina pain continues. Gosh, don't worry about leaving us comments. You just take care of yourself. I don't know if you're religious, but I'm praying for you. It can't hurt ;-)

    Happy T-day! Big hugs, Eileen

  35. A super page. Wonderful textures, colours.

  36. What gorgeous lovebirds, Susi - hope they lift your spirit (and angina) as much as they do mine! xo

  37. I just love your colourful lovebirds - it's a beautiful page full of joy and life.
    Alison x

  38. Hello Susi my dear!
    I do hope you are feeling better."(
    I was saddened to hear about the angina,especially after all you have done to change your eating habits and lifestyle! Well, hopefully soon you feel much better and be back to your "normal" self. I mean,what is normal anyway?right?)

    You have a very nice and normal Washi tape collection as far as I can see! I am not one to buy many of them,as I always forget to use them anyway! teehee So my collection is about yours!
    And lest I forget your page, those love birds are just beautiful as you are my friend! Now, feel better soon, I am sending virtual BIG hugs from me to you!
    lots of love Susi,Jackie xx

  39. Hoping you are feeling much better now xx This is a beautiful page with gorgeous love birds and just perfect complimenting colours xx


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