Tuesday, March 26, 2019

2383 - HEAL

For our wonderful Art Journal Journey March theme of  " HELLO SPRINGTIME" hosted by the amazing Jo from  Let's Art Journal  I came up with a  spread inspired by the word HEAL. It can also go for TRY IT ON TUESDAY where we are saying it with flowers and it can be classified as " COLOURFUL"  for Moo Mania & More's present theme.

 I will also dedicate this posting to my blogging soul friend Jenny !
 I so hope you heal soon my friend!
 Heile ♥♥♥ meine liebe Jenny!

HAPPY T-DAY dear girls at  T-S-F-T    
This week I will  show  some of my plant-based meals  to make your mouth water again!

On special request about Liyongo I can tell that he feels very well
and enjoys life! Thank you for your thoughts about him. He appreciates this a lot! He still gets his mistletoe-injections and this does him very good as it seems.

I got awonderful card to cheer me up  from my dear friend Rosie recently and the poinsetta is also from Rosie. She gave it to me as we met up in Vienna last November. It still is in wonderful condition .




  1. Hi Susi beautiful journal pages. Love them,well done my friend and I also love your yummy food xx

  2. Liebe Susi,
    ich schließe mich dem Wunsch, dem Du durch Deine Kunst Ausdruck verleihst an, und wünsche Jenny alles Gute und eine rasche Genesung.
    Ich freue mich auch, dass es Liyongo gut geht und er sich des Lebens erfreut.
    Ich wünsche Dir noch eine wundervolle Woche.

    Viele liebe Grüße

  3. What a beautiful spread Susi - love your cheerful colours and how you have featured the word HEAL - I hope your friend is encouraged by your kind thoughts. Your meals look delicious - I love plant based meals, and I eat a lot of them. So glad to hear Liyongo is keeping well on the treatment you have chosen.

  4. A beautiful journal spread and yummy food Susi and a lovely photo of Liyongo, I’m glad he’s doing well.
    xxx Hazel.

  5. A very beautiful journal spread Susi and a wonderful word to use as a focus to the page. I think it will reach out to touch many people who need some positive and comforting thoughts, including your dear friend Jenny.
    I am pleased I have just had my breakfast as I would be feeling very hungry after seeing those delicious meals you have shared today.
    It is a lovely photo of Liyongo as well, I am so pleased for you that all is going well for him
    Happy T day wishes dear Susi.
    Yvonne xx

  6. Such a wonderful journal spread, food and happy doggie xoxoxo

  7. Your "Heal" is touching. Is Jenny having troubles again? I hope not, but it sounds like she needs all the healing and hope she can muster. You have certainly created a fabulous journal page, and it is perfect for Jo's theme at Art Journal Journey.

    Your meals look SO good. I checked out a couple of plant based sites that have recipes. I'm going to buy some almond milk and see if it will replace my half and half. The only thing I would have trouble giving up is cheese if the almond milk would take the place of my coffee cream. You have some fabulous meals, and I am SO impressed. I also love your new photo. Thanks for sharing these meals and drinks with us for T this Tuesday.

    THANKS for the update on Liyongo, too. I was just thinking about him this morning.

  8. A beautiful uplifting journal spread Susi and I hope it helps your friend Jenny. Your meals look yummy and no doubt full of goodness.
    I'm pleased to know Liyongo is doing well this year after being so poorly.
    Avril xx

  9. That mistletoe is a miracle drug for sure. I am so glad to hear Liyongo is doing well. He looks good and so handsome. And your food today is making me hungry. I have been trying to eat better most days (my T day lunch was not but it was good after working all day). I need to learn how to make more veggie meals. I love how you use lots of kinds and combine them. And your heal page is beautiful. I love all the beautiful spring flowers. I hope Jenny is going to be ok. I didn't realize she wasn't doing well. Your weather sounds as crazy as ours. Winter is sure stubborn this year. Today we are cold again and then it should warm up for me. Maybe. I will not hold my breath though because those weather people are so often wrong. Hope you are having a super T day and it is a nice day for you. Hugs-Erika

  10. Beautiful page Susi and the new photo of yourself is great too! Lots of love for Jenny too, I hope she feels better soon!

  11. such a beautiful and loving journal spread for your friend Jenny. I'm sure this has lifted her spirits. Wishing her well. Your meals look divine- every one of them! Glad to see Liyongo looking and feeling so good. Enjoy your week, and happy T day!

  12. Oh, isn't Liyongo handsome! I'm so pleased that he is doing well, pleased give him a hug for me 😁. Your journal spread is gorgeous, the colours and pretty flowers remind me of spring! Thanks so much for inspiring us at Try it on Tuesday and Art Journal Journey dear Susi! Happy T Day! J 😊 x

  13. wie gut, dass ich grade schon gegessen habe, der mund würde mir sonst überlaufen vor sabber!! ja, auch gedanken können heilen, eine tolle seite dazu! und ich freu mich so, dass liyongo so stabil ist. hab eine schöne zeit, susi ♥

  14. Give a hug to your beautiful dog from me, Susi. He is gorgeous!!!!!!!
    And I simply LLLLLOVE your page. The background and the big sentiment are fantastic!!!!!!! Hugs, my dear friend. Happy T-Day.

  15. Eine wunderbar zusammengestellte Doppelseite zum Thema Heilen! Sogar der Text vom Hintergrund ist über Heilpflanzen!
    Deine Mahlzeiten sehen sehr verführerisch aus, es ist wirklich fantastisch, wie dekorativ und abwechslungsreich du diese Veggie-Kost zubereitest!
    Es ist sooo gut, dass es Liyongo besser geht!!
    Sei lieb gegrüßt, Susi - dein neues Foto ist toll!
    Happy T-Day!

  16. Wonderful artwork and photos. Happy T-Day!

  17. Wundervolle Seiten für Jenny, liebe Susi.
    Deine Speisen sehen sowas von köstlich aus.

    Dass es eurem Jungen so gut geht, freut mich sehr

  18. I'm drawn by those sweet potatoes :) They make me think maybe that'd be a good choice for lunch :) I'm happy to hear Liyongo is doing well. Happy T Tuesday!

  19. Wishing your friend well, dear Susi,- your spread really speaks about times of light and happiness, and the glowing colors you hav e used are so very beautiful together here. Sunny and healing light and love is given to all of us watching your wonderful art . Thank you dear friend.
    Love the photos of your meals , and love the photo of you , so lovely you look. A warm hug and love to you.
    Dorthe xx

  20. What a beautiful and thoughtful spread, Susi. Yum yum. And awww - Liyongo is a beautiful dog.

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  21. Beautiful pages, delicious food and a happy and cute Liyongo!

  22. Ach Susi, wie hübsch du aussiehst! Das Portrait von dir ist doch neu!?
    Erfrischend frühlingshafte Journalseiten - hier macht der Frühling gerade mal wieder Pause, saukalt ist es! Ja, man freut sich über jeden Tag, den man mit seinem geliebten Haustier verbringen kann, besonders nach solch großen Eingriffen. Toll, dass ihr ihn noch habt!
    Liebe Grüße Ulrike

  23. Yessss, love this spread! There is so much to see on!

  24. Beautiful art pages Susi, and your food looks really delicious!! so glad your fur family member is feeling better-give him a hug from me
    Happy T wishes Kathy

  25. He is such a beautiful dog, Susi - I'm so pleased he's doing well :-)

    LOVE your new blog photo - you look so different from before - even prettier!

    Great word to journal and a great spread. Hope your weather settles down. They've forecast snow for us next week, too... weird weather!
    Cath x

  26. !Hello my beautiful friend Susi !! 😍
    What a beautiful page, every day are beautiful, I really like your style the way you express nature from your sight.
    Wow, and what a delicious meal it makes my mouth water! I want! ñam! ñam!
    my beautiful Liyongo how beautiful it looks, my lord is wonderful is giving them both the opportunity to spend more time together! I'm happy for you two.
    Hugs and kisses, a lot of love very sincerely !! 😍😘

  27. Such a lovely and thoughtful page for your friend Susi. At times we all need something like this showing extra care and attention for people in need. Something to look back on and reflect in times of need. Mouth watering foods you are sharing again it's a very delicious T-Day.
    I'm so glad that Liyongo is doing well it's so good to here such positive news Susi. Our Bonita has had a very poor week, still under observation and awaiting more test results and possible biopsy in two weeks. Such a difficult time for us all. The News of Liyongo makes me very very happy.
    Hugs Tracey xx

  28. Very lovely, uplifting pages, Susi! Just beautiful! The blues and yellows make my heart sing.
    And I love the new personal photo at the side of your blog. It is just beautiful! You are the picture of good health and an inspiration for all :) The photos of your meals are always welcome and motivate as well.
    And you saved the best for last - Liyongo! He is feeling well. That is the best news I've heard in a long time! Thank you for sharing that with us!
    Hugs, my friend!! See you soon!

  29. A lovely focus and spread on plants that heal and your plant based foods. It’s also great to see Liyongo looking happy and healthy and he too gets his dose of plants in his injections. It’s a win/win all round. Xxx

  30. Heilung, und die Pflanzen, die Mutter Natur uns so freizügig schenkt. Danke für´s Erinnern, liebe Susi! Es ist gerade im Draussen so vieles im Aufbruch (hier noch immer im Aufwind mit Sturm und Regen) doch viele Kräuterfreunde erscheinen auch in meinem Garten - wie immer und wie immer mit einem Versprechen ...
    So sehe ich auch die Fotos von deinen Mahlzeiten. Es braucht kein Fleisch um sich ausgewogen und gesund zu ernähren. Es bedeutet vielmehr auch dort Heilung, wo der Mensch nicht mehr (auf Teufel komm raus) Tiere versklaven, verstümmeln und töten muss, nur um seinen Hunger zu stillen.
    Alles Liebe dir und dem Hundekind!

  31. sehr leckere gesunde, heilende gerichte!! da passt deine wunderbare collage mit den heilkräutern kamille und frauenmantel ja bestens dazu! und wie schön, dass es liyongo gut geht. ich freue mich wirklich sehr darüber!!
    liebe grüße

  32. Muy bonita composición!!! Gracias por tu visita. Besos desde Las islas Canarias.

  33. Lovely journal page! Happy T day!

  34. A beautiful Spring collage Susi, and lovely to see your yummy vegan meals, and also dear Liyongo looking so well.
    Alison xx

  35. Woowwww Susi !! Your Art page is GORGEOUS !! absolutely happy and wonderful, I love the colours you have choosen, the lovely images, and the spring we can feel. And your meal is .... so delicious.... it´s late, but I ´m hungry just looking at it. Happy delated T-day dear friend.
    I ´m so happy that Liyongo is well now, he is adorable ♥
    I wish you a very nice Thursday, and send you big hugs.

  36. I'm so glad Liyongo is feeling much better and enjoying life again.
    Your plant based meals look so yummy. The sweet potato is something I would have too. Also they seem quite well balanced with a bit of protein (beans, legumes etc).
    Your Heal collage is lovely. I hope Jenny heals soon.
    Sorry I'm late to comment,
    but a happy belated T-Day,

  37. A beautiful layout dedicated to your friend. Nature and art are certainly healing.
    Your plant-based meals certainly make my mouth water again this week. I love meat but when I see your pictures, I can see myself going vegan.
    So glad that your boy is doing better!
    Happy Belated Tea Day,

  38. This post is a visual feast, Susi, from the spring feeling in your spread (and the accompanying healing energy) to that fabulous food and puppy love! It's pure delight on all counts!

  39. Hallo Susi, die blaue Brille und der Kurzhaarschnitt stehen dir soo gut. Schönes Foto! Deine Heilkräuterseite ist wieder klasse und wie du schreibst, helfen sie auch den Tieren. Ich kuriere gerade auch per Naturheilkunde einen etwas übellaunigen Darm aus. Zu wenig Bewegung während der Wintermonate, hab leider keinen Hund, der mit mir Gassi geht.
    Aber nun raffe ich mich auf und werde wieder umtriebiger und hoffe Alles wird wieder normal. Deine Gesundkost sieht super lecker aus, das werde ich mir zukünftig auch zubereiten. Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar bei mir.
    Schönes Wochenende

  40. You look terrific, Susu. What a great "advert" you are for vegan and healthy living.
    I just love these pages you have created, they look so wholesome and clean. Love the daisy flowers (feverfew? - we always have lots of these in our garden, they pop up everywhere) and I like the blue edging round the pages, that is so effective.
    Your plant-based dishes look so tasty and healthy and also colourful.
    So good that Liyongo is doing so well, that must make you both very happy.
    Thanks so much for the great comment you left today on my blog, it warmed my heart.

  41. Menuda inspiración con esas plantas y esos bonitos y alegres colores ,sus platos se ven maravillosos y nutritivos !!!

  42. Beautiful journal layout and deelish looking food! Can't forget Liyongo he is looking very handsome too!

  43. Hi Susi. That is an absolutely amazing layout and I love it to bits! But then I love the post too. Not normally keen on food photographs but the meals look ver y tasty and healthy too. And of course Liyongo! what a beauty he is but Mistletoe injections I have never heard of but if they do him good that's the main thing. Sending hugs to you both, Angela xXx

  44. Hello Susi,
    It is nice to see and hear your update about Liyongo! TFS~
    Loving your colorful Spring-like 'heal' pages! All the layering and interest; so enjoyable to look at and inspire us~ Hugs to you, karen o - oh yes, and all those yummy meals you shared! Mmmm

  45. Thank you for such an uplifting post. Your food looks delicious. I am going to go eat my salad shortly after wishing you a great week-end. See you at next T Day.

  46. Hello Susi - what a lovely new photo of you :)
    So sorry, I'm behind commenting (again) - I'm trying to have a catch-up weekend to remedy that.
    Such a beautiful and thoughtful page dear Susi - I do hope Jenny is better soon...
    Good to hear that your Liyongo is doing well.
    Your food looks very tasty and making me feel quite hungry now :)
    Have a lovely weekend .... Gill xx

  47. Stunning make and delightful post.xx

  48. I love your healing page Susi! I hope that Jenny is feeling much better soon! Your food does look so delicious! Pleased that Liyongo is feeling well! I tried to link to your blog last week and blogger just wouldn't let me - today it was a straight link! Hugs, Chrisx

  49. Hola Susi!! Me gusta esa palabra, sanar cuerpo a través de los alimentos, sanar espíritu a través de la belleza.

    Gracias por compartir...😘😘😘

  50. This is such a lovely page - it captures that excitement of springtime, with delicate colours starting to appear and flowers peeking out. Your meals really do look delicious - an array of colours to match the page! - and so happy to hear that Liyongo is feeling well.
    Alison x

  51. The flowers are wonderful, so bright and cheerful. Can't wait for flowers to start peeking up through the earth. Looks like you are eating healthy and your dog looks so cute.


  52. I see your blog daily, it is crispy to study.
    Your blog is very useful for me & i like so much...
    Thanks for sharing the good information!


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